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Intuitive Web Design
Do you want to build connections? Real connections between you and your audience? A website is at the core of building your online presence. It’s often the first point of contact potential and existing customers have with you. But your website is so much more than your digital business card. It’s a virtual design and reflection of your brand.

Our web design process focuses on your customer. We create intuitive and bold designs that reflect your brand and make it easy for your customers to navigate. Our responsive designs ensure that your website adapts to your customers browsing device and screen size, ensuring it delivers a consistently good user experience.

Digital Designs that Build Connections
Even though your website is at the core of your online presence, it now extends so much further beyond that. We create the digital designs and strategies to build connections with your customers.

You are worth sharing and we can help you stand out. From mobile applications, to digital advertising; from web videos, to ezines and email templates – we’ll help your brand reach out to your target audience. We deliver the creative ideas that will make you stand out.

Interactive Presentations – Blending experiences
Your customers can’t all be divided into online or offline, most are bit of both. And your brand is not experienced as a fully digital or physical experience – it’s generally experienced as mix of both. New advances in technology allow you to blend and integrate online and offline experiences in the most compelling of ways. And this consistent experience can transform your brands growth.

HTML5 Digital presentations are one unique tool that can provide this integration. Digital, interactive presentations can be used by sales people on the ground simply by using a tablet instead of a brochure or PowerPoint. Create a two-way conversation between your sales person and your prospect. Truly connect with interactive graphs, scrolls and gauges. And, most importantly gain real-time insights into what matters to them.

Online or offline, or both, we’re a digital design agency that focuses on helping you build real and meaningful connections.

Call us today to find out how TOTEM can help develop your digital strategy and build and enhance your online presence.



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