The Waterford Greenway runs the length of the old railway line from Waterford City to Dungarvan, as a spectacular 46km off-road cycling and walking trail which travels through time and nature, across eleven bridges, three tall viaducts and a long atmospheric tunnel – all the way from the river to the sea. With the full route open to the public, it now stands as Ireland’s longest greenway.

Our mission was to help bring the Waterford Greenway’s story to life in a concise, visually engaging campaign across a variety of formats, including print adverts, an easy-to-use guidebook and map, billboards, promotional videos and social media posts – all designed meld with the greenway’s existing identity in order to create a sense of brand uniformity.

The focus of this local and national campaign was to announce the greenway’s official opening, raise awareness about the many memorable sights and experiences on offer, as well as to kick-start a public conversation about the attraction.

As a proud Waterford business, we were happy to do our part in helping establish the Waterford Greenway as a must-see attraction, not only in Ireland’s Ancient East but across domestic and international markets alike.


Once we had helped the team behind the greenway refine their objectives and vision, we set out to craft a fun and engaging campaign that would communicate at a glance the destination’s charm and unique appeal.

For the brochure, available along the route and in tourist offices further afield, we worked to maximise the potential of the space available to us and to create an information rich yet still readily readable guide that would evoke a strong sense of place for the reader.

To accomplish this, our design team created a striking illustrated map of the greenway and its geographical area, plotting the entire route from Waterford City to Dungarvan, as well as a series of simple and cheerful icons to mark milestone attractions along the way.

Designed to adaptable for use across the greenway campaign, this map was featured  on the attraction’s website and signage along the route. For improved user-friendliness, the Greenway was also broken into six manageable and colour-coordinated segments, allowing visitors to access the route at different stages.

We split our marketing efforts into local and national categories in order to provide full media and public coverage for the greenway and its opening. Our local approach focused on creating a series of print adverts for various regional publications, intended to build some community buzz and attract as many people to greenway for the opening week as possible.

As part of our national strategy, we created three 48 sheet billboard posters for the Dublin market as well as a nation-wide cinema advert to spread word of the greenway beyond Waterford.

For each of these elements, we selected evocative shots of visitors of all ages immersed in the landscape along the route, from a cyclist entering the lush mouth of the Ballyvoyle tunnel to a couple taking in the view from the top of the viaduct.

Our online video, used to used to promote the destination after its launch, tells  the story of a beautiful journey through the greenway, with a boy and a girl cycling from opposite directions to meet  each other. Along the way they pass a host of well-known local personalities, sportsmen and  landmarks, till they meet on the Kilmacthomas viaduct in an uplifting crescendo amidst a Spraoi celebration.

Together, all these promotional materials and design choices amounted to a vivid  sense of a place, packaged to be shared, distributed virtually or carried on the trail itself – affirming the Waterford Greenway’s place as one of Ireland’s top-tier outdoor attractions.



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