Our team is your team

Even the greatest strategy is worth nothing without excellence in execution. With the TOTEM creative team of writers, digital designers, art directors and coders, your brand strategy will be brought to life with marketing collateral that cuts through the clutter, communicates with clarity, and connects in a meaningful way with your audience.

Brand Guidelines

TOTEM develops comprehensive and concise brand guidelines that ensure consistency in the creation of marketing and digital marketing collateral. These guidelines serve three principal functions:

Inform: So everyone understands how to implement your brand identity effectively, with detailed.

Inspire: Enabling users with the flexibility to explore the personality of your new brand and put their own stamp on it.

Enforce: Ensure that, even with this flexibility, there are strict do’s and don’ts when it comes to implementing a new brand identity.

Sales Decks & Presentation Tools

Clarity and consistency are critical when it comes positioning your business brand. At its most basic, the design of your presentation deck must align with that of your website, while careful consideration has to be taken with how you present information to prospective customers. Too much and you risk overpowering their attention span. Too little and you will leave them with questions. TOTEM can help you to finetune your messaging in this instance. We will also provide you with easily modified deck templates to ensure design consistency and streamline collaboration across your team.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

TOTEM collaborates on a project basis with a diverse host of expert marketing strategists, planners and researchers. Based on the nature of your business, your industry, and your particular requirements, TOTEM will match the right marketing associate to your project. Highly adept at analysing the challenges an individual business faces, and identifying its strengths and weaknesses, these professionals use the insights they garner from marketing research to anticipate marketing opportunities, craft concise marketing strategies, set measurable objectives and KPIs, and ultimately help you to increase market share.

Brand Activations

These campaigns or events enable a brand to directly interact with its customers and begin building a long-term relationship. Activations are a great way to convey a brand’s personality and identity, as well as grow brand awareness. What makes these events so powerful is that you can gain valuable consumer feedback on your brand in real time, with more creatively engaging brand activations earning attention and spreading positive word-of-mouth on social media, particularly when you employ video and involve a popular public figure or base the event around a fun activity.

Brand Video & Photography

What customers crave now more than anything from brands is authenticity. And with audiences more sophisticated than ever when it comes to recognising what it is genuine and what is not, library imagery or stock video just will not cut it anymore. An audience wants to see the actual people who work for the companies they admire, and make the products and provide the services they buy. Not pretenders. TOTEM regularly works with highly talented video producers and photographers to capture original, commissioned imagery in authentic work settings, reflecting the personality of your business, naturally. Read more in our insight article on how your business can Own It With Unique Imagery.


Once we have designed and delivered your new website, TOTEM will provide your team with the training and knowledge to use its Content Management System (CMS). This puts you in control of your website, a vital sales tool for your business. We also offer LinkedIn training to help enhance your online engagement and digital marketing, enabling you to get the most from this powerful business networking platform, increasing your knowledge base, attracting new business and high-quality employees, increasing credibility and highlighting new products or services.