Brand Development

Your brand is more than your product or your business.

It’s emotional. It’s intuitive. It’s your story.

We simplify your story to create a “gut feeling” experience… so that your potential customer instantly knows — and feels what your business has to offer.

Our first step, before we develop your brand strategy, is to help you define that core message. It takes some digging to reach it, but once you have it, you will be able to instantly connect with your potential customer.  Here is the 3-step process we use to get you there.



Brand Development



Brand Development Workshops

To help connect with your potential customer you must simplify your message. But simplicity can get complicated. That’s where we come in.

We use brand development workshops to help you declutter, shed layers, and dissolve away all the noise and confusion until the heart of your business is revealed.

What makes your business (truly) unique? What do you stand for? What are your potential customer’s real needs and desires — the ones that motivate and inspire them to choose you over the competition?

Our brand development workshop can take place as a half-day group session, or we can tailor our approach to suit you.





Your Brand Identity

We care for your brand as if it were our own. Whether we build your brand identity from scratch or review and refresh your existing brand, we will help you bring your story to life.

Having distilled your core message, we put pencil to paper. We create meaningful branding, with designs and creative executions that can instantly communicate your core message to your customer.

From the logo design and product name, right up to your wider brand identity, we develop a visual and verbal tone of voice that reflects your story. And we craft images, fonts and shapes, using a pallet of colours selected to spark an emotional connection in the heart of your customer.





Brand Guidelines

You’ve done the hard work and developed a meaningful brand identity. But without proper preparation and planning, things can slide back to their old ways. Your brand can become incohesive. We support the change with specific tools, training, and brand guidelines so that everyone is on the same page — and can effortlessly communicate your story in every interaction.

With clear brand guidelines, you and your team will be fully empowered to continue creating authentic, consistently impactful experiences and engagements that connect with your customer on that “gut-feeling” level — so that you stand out in the heart and mind of your potential customer.


If you’d like to discuss your situation, or you’re just looking for clarity, feel free to contact us today.