Undoubtedly you’ve noticed that its football fulltime at the moment with the World Cup in full flight. Given that its impossible to ignore, I decided to collected 10 design related titbits that you may not know about Brazil. They’re ideal to enhance, or replace the half time analysis …



1. Brasília

In the 1950’s it was decided to move Brazils capital from the east coast to the interior, as the latter was so sparsely populated. Brasília, was inaugurated as the federal capital on 21 April 1960 after being designed, planned and purpose built from a green field site – a bargain at 2 trillion U.S. Dollars!


Abstract building design



2. Havaianas

Brazils favourite flip-flops. Are they beach apparel or wearable art?





3. Hugo França

An innovative furniture designer who works exclusively with reclaimed, indigenous Brazilian hardwoods. He uses them to create one-of-a-kind environments and furniture objects that are simultaneously monumental and environmentally friendly!brazil4



4. Cristo Redentor

This statue is synonymous with Rio de Janeiro and was up until 2010 the largest Art Deco statue in the world. It was designed by Paul Landowski a French sculptor and a local engineer named Heitor da Silva Costa was chosen to supervise the entire construction. It is 30 metres tall and its arms stretch 28 metres wide.





5. Oscar Niemeyer

Was one of Brazil’s most prolific and distinguished architects, working both domestically and overseas. He is considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture and brought free-flowing, sensual curves to his buildings.





6. Visit Brazil

The brand identity for Brazil’s tourist authority. It is colourful, playful and engaging, while also representing the diversity that Brazil has to offer.





7. Carlos Meira

An illustrator who creates amazing paper sculptures….





8. Toucans

These colourful birds were common in 1950’s Guinness adverts and pub signs, but they are actually from the Amazon and not Dublin 8!




9. Paula Raia

Is a fashion designer that took the recent São Paulo Fashion Week by storm. Her Spring/Summer 2014/2015 collection is a precise, elegant, non-clichéd representation of the Brazilian essence translated into fashion.





10. ZICO

A spatial awareness genius. Oh and my all time favourite Brazilian No.10.