Disney Topple Lego as Most Powerful Brand in 2016

In the 21st century, branding will ultimately be the only unique differentiator between companies.  “Brand equity is now a key asset.” (Source: Fortune Magazine)


Your Brand makes your business unique. It sets you apart and can position you as a leader in your field.
Recent rankings of the world’s most powerful brands serve to remind us how valuable a strong brand really is.

According to Forbes.com and a piece by Kathryn Dill, Disney has managed to dethrone Lego as the most powerful brand in 2016!

The ranking was carried out by brandfinance.com as part of their annual report on the world’s most powerful brands. For more information on how Brand Finance calculated the rankings, take a look at their Global 500 2016 annual report and read Kathryn’s article, ‘Disney Tops Global Ranking Of The Most Powerful Brands In 2016’.

For businesses who want to stand out from their competitors, who really want to develop connections with the right types of customers and who want to build trust, think about the value a powerful brand will bring to your business. Think about how you will enhance the brand experience for your customers.

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