How do you make a new product look a little retro?

Drinking a good Irish craft cider feels like warm sunny days, ice cold drinks and good times with friends. The Irish craft cider business is all about green fertile Irish land, being close to nature and total unspoiltness (we made that word up especially!).


So how do you get all those important messages across in one little label?

Well, in the case of Legacy Irish Craft Cider, it started with a story…

From third generation of apple growers in Bride Valley, West Waterford. It started with Willsie McDonnell, ‘The Boss’, who grew apples since the 1930s. the following generations kept up the tradition and hence Legacy Irish Craft Cider was born.

This is where TOTEM come in. Our Creative Director, Colin, who loves typography almost more than anything in the world, talks through the process…




We started by designing the Legacy identity, using a strong serif typeface (one that has a small decorative line attached to the end of a letter) to reflect the weightiness of the name. The arm of the letter ‘L’ and the descender of the letter ‘Y’ curl underneath the name, like branches, to reveal and place two apples at the centre of the identity. Leafy flourishes compliment the typography and bring out the craft of the cider making.

A rich colour palette is used, a graduation from vibrant red to deep red makes the name stand out. The descriptor – Irish Craft Cider – is in green for growth, newness and earthy nature. The flourishes are in a unifying warm grey.

Once the identity was finished we then moved to the bottle label. The oval shape was chosen to create a retro feel to the label.  A stylised illustration of an apple tree grows out of the main flourishes in the identity. One red apple remains on the tree, the rest are in the basket. Silver foil was used on the label instead of the warm grey to give the bottle some extra presence on the shelf.”

TOTEM shaped the design to help enhance the story! All those generations of apple growing and looking after the trees, the soil and the environment in West Waterford, coming to fruition in a glass of Legacy Irish Craft Cider.