How to Personalise Photography and Tell Your Real Brand Story

Every brand wants to be impactful in telling its story and personalised images are at the forefront of web design. It’s a way to establish authentic storytelling and reveal the real people behind the brand. This is the year of custom. It not only helps to show personality, it’s more than that – it’s original.

Here are our tips for visual storytelling.


iStock Photo by Getty Images


Be selective with stock shots

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So avoid the cheesy stock images. Being selective is a must. You have to search for the diamonds in the rough! If you can’t do it then get a creative to help you build up a bank of more authentic stock images. There are some out there, you just need to refine your search.

There are an abundance of stock agencies, some higher quality than others, but it really is better to spend time choosing the best images. Put the hard work in and you will slowly build up your own library.

Also, how you mix up the images is vital; a few stock images often meld well with a custom shoot. Putting a stock image in the middle of a spread – amongst other more personalised photography – can often work really well. It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.



Creative Commons


Check out Creative Commons

The non-profit Creative Commons stores over 882 million images and they are all available to share. This unique service is keeping digital content free and open and users can upload their own creative images or download others in this vast online community. Photographers, writers alike can sign up and share their work with the public, through reposts or reprints; only companies can’t resell their work. Here you will find some modern photography with storytelling at its heart. Be a good citizen and donate.



EirGen Pharma, Waterford. Photograph by Karen Dempsey.


Use a professional photographer to customise

If you’re no Mario Testino, pay a professional photographer to take the pictures with your direction. You may not be a seasoned photographer but with your vision it will really capture brand tone and reflect the true brand story your consumer. This is the more expensive option of course but sees it as an investment, as it will not go unnoticed. Paying for inspirational photography will endear your audience to you, show personality and help make an impact for your brand online. The money is money well spent and it will come back in the form of a loyal customer tribe. It is also an opportunity to start building up your own library which can be used in the physical printed medium as well as on social media and digital.



Use Instagram on your website

It’s not just the Gen Ys that are into Instagram these days. Everyone is getting into it and global brands have embraced it, after seeing the potential for visual storytelling and attracting their target audience. Whether it’s creating a lively Instagram feed or page on your website; this visual content is perfect for attracting new customers. A visual diary is always an effective way to showcase office life and brand story. The good news is you don’t have to be a photographer – just have good ideas for memorable photos. Showing snippets of your ‘human’ side at work really appeals to audiences and helps them get to know the people behind your brand and their story. After all, people buy into people.

These are just our thoughts. What are yours?