ID2015: The Face of Irish Design

This is the year that Irish designers shine bright. Watch this space…


2015 is the year for Irish design; ceramics, filmmaking and graphic design are just a few areas that are seeing international success. There’s been a hive of activity so far and there will be lots more to come.

Irish Design 2015 is a programme of events including talks, exhibitions and workshops that run across Ireland and beyond. Highlights also include events and activities at design weeks, fashion weeks and architecture biennales in international design capitals.

The programme aims to educate and inspire the design minded and takes us through new trends and happenings in Irish design, linking designers and ideas and fuelling further creation.

This year, Irish design well and truly takes centre stage.

Here’s our picks:

Waterford Crystal

Brian loves: Waterford Crystal – Masters of the Glass exhibition

Waterford Crystal is the iconic Irish brand and design has always played an integral part of it. From the famous Lismore cut to John Rocha’s ongoing collaboration with the world famous brand, design has been at the forefront of this historic brand’s fame. The Masters of The Glass exhibition taking place from May 29th till September 19th in the Waterford Treasures History Museum aims to showcase the exceptional skill it takes to design and manufacture Waterford glass. The exhibition includes one off centrepieces, special commissions and personalised gifts made by the glassmakers themselves. A lot of these pieces have never been seen by the public before, so it’s a great opportunity to see how the design of the glass has changed and evolved throughout Waterford Crystal’s long history.


Hidden Heroes

Colin is mad for: Hidden Heroes – The Genius of Everyday Things

Never thought much about your common clothes peg? Then think again. The powerful simplicity of common everyday things is the hot topic at Hidden Heroes. On at the Design Hub in Dublin Castle until June 14th, this brilliant exhibition focuses on the classic items we rely on, that have remained unchanged throughout the years. In conjunction with Vitra Design Museum and Hi-Cone, it showcases over 35 everyday items – from the cat’s eye to tea bags – and highlights their history, functionality and importance today. The Tyson illustration created from adhesive tape is class!

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Design Bites

Sinead suggests: Design Bites

A series of informal design and innovation lunchtime talks called Design Bites are a sounding board and useful addition to ID2015. Happening at the Design Hub in Dublin Castle on alternate Thursdays throughout the year, they are informative and inspirational and provide opportunities for further collaboration. The aim of the talks is to connect like -minded designers, to spark conversation, share ideas and look at the possibilities of joining forces on projects. They are definitely a must for any design professional wanting to keep ahead of the curve and make connections with innovative artists and collaborators for future creations.

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Maeve loves: Liminal

Liminal is a collaborative project featuring over 20 Irish designers, companies and studios and is presenting its work for the first time in Dublin, Milan, New York and Eindhoven. Although Milan and New York are now over, the next exhibition will be in Dublin in November.

The project attempts to increase awareness and understanding of the use of design in Irish society, and obviously to promote Irish design globally.

Liminal means transition, and it is this transition in relation to design that the Liminal project hopes to showcase. Irish design has traditionally been framed by the arts. Literature, music, theatre and art have all been well explored by Irish artists. Liminal moves away from the traditional areas into more transgressive and progressive areas of design. Artist highlights include collaborations such as Andrew Ludick, a ceramics artist from Castlecomer, and his work with Dennis Kenny at Ceadogán Rugs – producing hand crafted rugs based on Ludick’s hand painted ceramics.


Song Of The Sea

Doireann is all for: Cartoon Saloon: Song of the Sea

The beautifully animated feature film was nominated at the Oscars earlier this year in the Best Animated Feature category, narrowly losing out to Big Hero 6. The magical storytelling in Song of the Sea reels both adults and children in alike. The Song of the Sea exhibition can be seen from 4th July – 11th October in the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny. This animated feature film tells the story of the last Seal Children’s journey home and the adventures of ten year old Ben and six year old Saoirse. It tells the story of their journey from Dublin to their fathers’ lighthouse, via the sea. They are drawn into a world they know only from their mother’s folktales.

The Butler Gallery presents an interactive, multimedia exhibition of original drawings, prints, storyboards and animation.


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