Fresenius Kabi


Fresenius Kabi Ireland is a subsidiary of the Fresenius Kabi global health care group. They are committed to improving patients’ quality of life and offer a comprehensive range of products with accessible, helpful support.

In a competitive medical market, Fresenius Kabi require TOTEM’s diverse range of design skills to develop pharmaceutical marketing materials that help engage customers, emphasise their individual products’ unique strengths and benefits, and deliver knockout concepts that help them stand out. Also, interactive marketing tools that help them meet their objectives of educating the healthcare industry on various issues and gain insights into the level of understanding Physicians and Dietitians have of the benefits of the Fresubin range versus competing products.



Our goal with Fresenius Kabi is to make the complicated simple. Creating a brochure design for pharmaceutical companies, or any collateral, requires you to take their technical information and represent it in a clear, visual and easy to understand format. We design visual concepts for advertising and marketing material that engage customers and communicate clearly the essence of what their products and services are about. We breakdown large amounts of information and analysis into layouts for leaflets and brochures that are easy to navigate and read.

Solving problems and driving innovation is also at the core of what we do, and when it came to the launch of a new product for Fresenius Kabi, we had the perfect fit to achieve their objectives. We developed an impactful, interactive HTML5 presentation, built to sit on an iPad App called MI Touch by IMS Health. Presented on the iPad, the Physicians & Dieticians had the chance to reveal answers to questions and input data by moving dials and gauges throughout the slides.

To focus in on key areas the sales rep could just tap different parts of the screen to both enlarge and light up the sections, creating a very impactful experience. The innovative format allowed Fresenius Kabi to personalise the information and allow the healthcare professional focus on the benefits that were of interest to them.

Information about the user journey and answers to questions were then collated and synced to the MI Touch platform. By employing this new digital tool, it became easy to track interactions with individual Physicians & Dieticians – including valuable data on behaviours, preferences, and objections. Once compiled and synthesised, this data could then be fed back to marketing to enable customisation and personalisation of future promotional activities.