Trócaire - TOTEM - Direct Marketing


TOTEM’s Challenge

We work with ASK Direct, a top Irish direct marketing fundraising agency. And together, we help some of Ireland’s most exciting charities, like Trócaire, to raise money and recruit supporters. Trócaire is an Irish charity that provides development aid and emergency relief. They work in over 20 developing countries globally. But to do this, they need to raise considerable funds each year. And one of the key ways they can do this, is through impactful direct marketing campaigns. Which is where we stepped in.


TOTEM’s Solution

Trócaire’s dual mandate is to support the most vulnerable people in the developing world, while also raising awareness of injustice and global poverty in Ireland. Because of this, we have designed direct marketing campaigns that put the affected people and their stories front and centre. And that do so in a clear and visually engaging way.

We have worked on a number successful Lent and Christmas campaigns for Trócaire. And all of these have surpassed the client’s expectations, in terms of response rates. These direct marketing campaigns include fundraising collateral, such as forms, letters, and impactful Outer Envelopes. And also leaflets and brochures, that further help to tell stories and raise awareness.

We take the case studies and content supplied to us and present them in a way that connects with the donor. The results are more people supporting Trócaire’s work. And, because of that, more vulnerable people supported worldwide.

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