Promoting “Our Wexford”…

The TOTEM team were delighted to be in Wexford for the launch of the Summer edition of Our Wexford magazine in the stunning surrounds of Johnstown Castle.




Our Wexford is a 104 page magazine designed to highlight the county’s achievements, promoting it locally, nationally and internationally as a great destination to both work and live. The magazine is broken into three distinct sections – Our People, Our Place and Our Passion. Engaging and considered articles explore the county’s rich heritage and cultural offerings as well as examining why some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as some of Ireland’s biggest employers, have chosen Wexford as their place to do business.


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From a design perspective it was important that the publication reflect the inspirational and successful businesses featured, as well as promote the county as a tourism destination and a great place to live. To do this TOTEM devised a versatile grid that allowed content rich business profiles to be easily read in a user friendly layout, while also allowing the wonderful photography take centre stage and help illustrate the tourism and attraction stories.


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The magazine is not designed to be read from cover to cover. Rather an initial peruse sets the scene and intriguing articles can be read over a number of further visits. The contemporary design strikes just the right balance – keeping the reader engaged while also allowing the stories to unfold.