So… I have to admit it, I’m completely addicted to Pinterest – I love nothing more than sitting down with a cup of coffee and browsing through recent pins, most popular pins or my new favourite, diy projects that I’m unlikely to ever attempt let alone finish !

For me Pinterest is like a combination of flicking through your favourite magazine and virtual online shopping in one.  I get a quick fix of what’s current in the world of fashion, interiors, design, funny quotes and generally beautiful things without having to spend a penny. I often think if I owned all the fabulous items I’ve pinned I’d be the most stylish girl in the world.



And that’s it I think …essentially Pinterest is inspirational. Collecting Boards of ideas, interests and values [Pins] that might never be made or bought but remain a solid bank of online inspiration that’s shared with like minded people.  Pins can be almost anything – a gift, recipe, or even a quote. They’re like little bookmarks people add to one of their Pinterest boards that always point back to the sites they came from (like yours!). If you add the Pin It button to your site, people can use it to add your stuff to Pinterest. Opening up your business to a new potential customers base.

So is the return worth it for your business ? To be honest that’s something that we’re currently trying to tease out. At the moment we’re using Pinterest as a communal mood board, dipping in and out for inspiration as we work on projects big and small and it’s great for that .



Our next step is to begin pinning more of TOTEM’s portfolio of work. Sharing new creative projects that will hopefully inspire people to follow us and ultimately we may be able to do business with in the future ! Follow us here…

Pinterest gives some helpful tips for those hoping to become a Pinterest pro in Business, have a go !