TOTEM exists to create your success story.

Whether that is through rebranding and repositioning your business to set it up for the next level of growth, or through simple and inspiring design assets. We have been crafting award-winning creative communication for over 20 years and our team provides a full suite of graphic design resources for you to choose from. All designed to reinforce your reputation.  

Social Visuals

Communicating your brand across social platforms is the ultimate way of developing the conversation with your customers. We work with a variety of clients to develop key campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

Pitch Deck

Creating your pitch deck in line with your brand identity and visual language is a vital part of effectively communicating your positioning and unique value proposition. We can create visually engaging presentation decks alongside key branded graphics and iconography.  


Your report – be it a sales report, marketing report or annual trends – is a key part of your business year. TOTEM has been creating these reports across a variety of sectors for over 2 decades. This includes layout, formatting, bespoke infographic design and copywriting.  

Pull Up Banners

Communicating your brand externally at conferences and other business events is a key customer touchpoint. We design bespoke pull up and exhibition banners for every occasion.  

Environmental Graphics

Flowing your brand identity through your office and meeting rooms is vital to maintain consistency and to effectively communicate the meaning of your brand values and culture of your organisation. We work closely with our clients to make sure every touchpoint, both internally and externally, is visually consistent.