7 ways to deliver better pitches with interactive presentations



Every December, we look back at some of the biggest design and marketing trends of the year and make our predictions for what the biggest game changers will be in the year ahead.

And this year, it’s all about the transformation of the sales pitch.

The sales pitch – the face-to-face presentation to your prospects – is one of the most critical moments for your business. All the marketing investment in building your brand, generating leads and prequalifying prospects, culminate in the pitch presentation.

Your company’s future growth, rests on how well this pitch is delivered.

But traditionally, it hasn’t got the focus it deserves. Sales Managers and Sales Reps are armed with massive power point decks, some boxes of brochures and flyers and then sent out to convert prospects in to new clients.

This year that has changed. One of the most exciting developments for Sales Managers and Marketing Managers has emerged – the interactive presentation.

And if you haven’t started using them yet, here are our top seven reasons why it should be top of your list for 2017.



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1. Better Engagement

Every aspect of an interactive presentation is designed to encourage engagement. These presentations, which are built in HTML5 and can be shown on tablet devices, allow and encourage prospects to interact with your material.

Interactive graphs, gauges and scrolling bars allow your prospects to move from being passive listeners to actively involved participants in the presentation.

They’re in control.

They can drill down into the information that they’re interested in and easily skip over the information that is not relevant to them. This intuitive, visually appealing and dynamic technology can transform audience engagement.



2. Better Pitch

Interactive presentations empower your Sales Reps. It frees them to focus on what they are there to do – to pitch. 

Too often, Sales Reps are tasked with the role of educator, with the prospect as their students. They are given an unwieldy set of slides, each jam packed with bullet points, covering every piece of information a potential client may want to know about the company.

And the Sales Rep is tasked with the challenge of trying to race through all this information in small window of time, while keeping everyone interested. And ultimately closing the sale at the end. No easy task.

Interactive presentations move away from this one-way lecture approach and turn presentations and pitches into two-way conversations.

Your interactive presentation is the educator. Your Sales Rep is the enabler.

As the customer explores what they’re interested in, your Sales Rep can immediately identify what features best meet the prospects needs and can tailor their pitch accordingly.

Free from the burden of delivering content heavy presentations, with a ‘feature dump’ of every possible benefit that the audience may be interested in, they can now personalise their pitch and focus on the key benefits for that individual.


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3. Better Brand Experience

Marketing and Sales functions should go hand in hand. But in many companies, they operate in silo, often feeling held back by the other.

For a Sales Manager who has huge sales target to deliver now, focusing on brand building messaging and positioning of the product can be a frustrating distraction.

For a Marketing Manager who has been carefully developing a long-term strategy to develop and position the brand, it can be a challenge to have this most important touch point with the brand sitting outside of their control and key messages often skipped over.

Interactive presentations ensure there is a consistency of brand messaging without taking away from the sales pitch. It blends the online and offline experiences of the brand and ensures that key messages are delivered in the right way.


4. Better results and follow up

The combination of personalisation, freeing the Sales Rep to focus on the sale and delivering a better brand experience, all combine to help achieve a better result from your pitch. And that’s not the only thing that will increase your conversions.

Interactive presentations are action orientated. Call to action buttons and links can be built in throughout. Prospects can easily book another call, register for an event or order the product. Everything can be done there and then.

The sale can be closed and the product ordered before the Sale Rep leaves the room. 

No paperwork. No follow-up scheduling when they get back to the office. No phone-calls to the admin team to register them for a place at an event.

Every follow up action can be seamlessly automated so that when your Sales Rep leaves the meeting, the only thing they’ve to focus on is their next meeting.


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6. Better data and insights

In this new world of ‘big data’ and analytics, marketing spend is becoming more and more targeted.

On your website, you can see which pages people interact with, where they go next and how long they stay there – all these analytics can help you better understand what your customers are interested in.

But for one of the most critical steps in the sales funnel, to date there’s been nothing. The results and insights have been… sale or no sale.

With Interactive Presentations that all changes.

These presentations provide a gold mine of information about your product and services. Every interaction, scroll and click can be recorded in the backend platform, providing you with these critical insights and analytics. For the first time your Sales Team will be able to accurately analyse the features and information that most appeal to potential customers.

The valuable insights that Sales Reps are exposed to daily, meeting people face-to-face, can be captured and fed back to product development and marketing teams.


6. Better Integration

All this analysis and data is incredibly valuable. But, unless it talks to your existing systems, it can be difficult to utilise. You can see the top-level highlights, but turning them into actions for how you speak to your individual customers can be difficult.

That’s where integration is key. The backend platform of these presentations can be integrated and shared with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.

You’ll be able to tie the intelligence emerging from your sales presentations to the intelligence from internal marketing and customer service departments. You can link up the full journey and personalise the communications to your existing and potential customers.

How valuable would it be for you to know that leads generated from Digital Advertising are interested in something completely different at pitch stage to leads generated from Radio Advertising? How would that change how you communicated with these prospects?


7. Better Learning

As well as the insights for the business these interactive presentations provide you with a powerful new development and coaching tool for your sales team.

An analysis of presentation analytics can identify if there are elements of the pitches that are not performing well, or other areas that can be expanded on.

You can map the presentation journeys customers take with high performing sales people and share the insights across the team.

It’s enables a process of continuous learning, sharing and improvement.


Getting started is easy

To transform your sales presentations and empower your sales team, may sound like a massive project undertaking. But it’s not.

At TOTEM, we’ve developed all the technology so you don’t have to…

  • The first step is to get in touch to chat through your needs and objectives.
  • We’ll then develop the engaging and impactful HTML5 design presentation.
  • All the analytics can be collected in our online platform which has an easy intuitive interface for you to review results.
  • We can then share the information with your CRM system so you can start designing personalised and targeted journeys for your customers.

Another benefit of these online interactive presentations is that as well as being used by your Sales Reps at face-to-face pitches, they can also be adapted for use as a pre-qualifier or follow-up communications.

You can send interested parties a unique username and ID. They can explore the content on their own, drilling down into specific areas of interests. You can add survey questions to identify their pain points and use strong call to actions to move them along to the next step on the sales funnel.


To find out more about how Interactive Presentations could transform your company’s growth in 2017, get in touch with us today.