Adding Value. Always.

Fitzgerald Power

Fitzgerald Power are not your stereotypical accountants. Since starting out in the 1980s they have always thought outside the box, offering unique, creative solutions that enable their clients to manage their business better and build for the future. It’s an approach that’s established them as one of Ireland’s top accountancy firms. TOTEM set out to express Fitzgerald Power’s refreshingly unconventional identity with a rebranding that was itself refreshingly unconventional.


However, Fitzgerald Power’s approach was not being clearly communicated by their existing branding. The challenge for TOTEM was to help them create an identity that would reflect their personality and purpose, differentiating them from the competition and conveying not just WHAT they do but WHY it matters. We began by leading a brand workshop to understand what Fitzgerald Power could uniquely offer clients. We discovered that they invest their time and resources only in areas where they can create the greatest value for clients. This is the lens through which all decisions are made at Fitzgerald Power. We encapsulated this in a potent brand promise: ‘Adding Value. Always.’


Fitzgerald Power’s brand is based on three core strengths: insight, speed and context. The unrivalled depth and speed of their analysis yields detailed information which they carefully contextualise and tailor, offering clients a clear and comprehensive view of their business that enables them to grow.

TOTEM’s design expresses this unique identity. Using a vibrant palette of pink, purple and navy, we created a contemporary monogram in which three distinct shapes – reflecting the core strengths – combine to form the FP initials. These shapes are used across all applications – in various colours and sizes – to help bring Fitzgerald Power’s creative personality and outside-the-box thinking to life. The monogram is balanced with a refined serif typeface (Freight Display) that expresses Fitzgerald Power’s unparalleled expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

These elements, along with a compelling brand story and the strong tagline, combine to great effect on an easy-to-navigate website that communicates Fitzgerald Power’s ability to empower their clients with a complete view that allows them to make better business decisions.



To enable Fitzgerald Power to communicate with clarity and consistency, we provided a set of brand guidelines that gives structure to their tone of voice. Both verbal and visual, it’s a tone that is expressive, unexpected and compelling, and articulates their purpose across all mediums.

Their new website was created using the UX design process – identifying their primary target users and mapping out their Customer Journey. This allowed us to structure the site towards their target audiences and empower each user to flow effortlessly through the site.

The user-friendly Content Management System in the back-end of their website gives Fitzgerald Power control and helps to make it the tool they require – to be easily updated with important content and information such as their quarterly reports and regular insights. Allowing Fitzgerald Power to stay current. And of course Adding Value. Always.

TOTEM did an amazing rebranding job for Fitzgerald Power. This project was a foundational element of our growth strategy, and Colin and his team were the perfect partners to execute it. They took the time to gain a deep understanding of what we do and helped us to articulate why we do it. The results were exceptional.

Stuart Fitzgerald

Managing Partner