Alive with AquaTrace


While we often hear about ‘game-changing technology,’ we are not always lucky enough to witness a quantum leap at close quarters.

This was the case when TOTEM were introduced to AquaTrace, a technology business using patented tech, coupled with cloud computing, to solve an age-old problem that costs businesses millions each year.

Leaks in building exteriors are notoriously hard to trace and repair. They can result in damage and downtime – for a datacenter or Pharma these can be catastrophic events. AquaTrace invented the answer—live tracing built-in to the building envelope—that identifies leaks before they become a problem. But it turns out, the construction sector can be slow to embrace new ideas.


We conducted interviews with the co-founders/inventors and their management team to understand the marketplace, the company, and their technologies. We were immediately excited by the potential of the AquaTrace solution, and equally, had an appreciation of the obstacles they face in bringing an entirely new concept to a risk-adverse market. 

With this complete picture, we could get to the heart of the matter. We identified an approach with our clients: We would focus our initial efforts on building owners and developers, to enlighten them about this better way of protecting their investment. 


With our initial research and engagement in mind, with so many benefits to their solution—from time and cost savings, to risk prevention—we uncovered the driving purpose at the core of AquaTrace. They exist to ‘protect people, property, productivity and planet’ 

Our concept for their positioning became clear: AquaTrace is ‘The only way to take away the worry of leaks and thermal loss. Guaranteed.’ This statement flips construction-market intransigence on its head — to convey the real risk to your building — of not having Aquatrace in place.  

We identify AquaTrace as an essential ingredient for every smart building, creating key brand messages to communicate the brand’s benefits with confidence.  We created an iconic ‘Alive with AquaTrace’ branding to coexist with other building products. Thereby positioning AquaTrace as a veritable ‘Intel Inside’ your building’s envelope. 


Having guided AquaTrace to a new brand strategy, we created a new brand identity to make the strategy visible. The branding is enlivened with high contrast colours and distinctive design details, designed to engage the audience across customer touchpoints. A new website brings the elements together to spark awareness of the potential of AquaTrace to potential customers and partners. 

A two-tone, all caps, wordmark highlights the functional aspect of the name. The crossbar in the A’s have been replaced with neuron like dots, representing the connection points on the grid and the pinpoint detection of this intelligent system. A grass green and dark teal colour palette combine to visualise AquaTrace’s purpose and ESG credentials. While the branding is enlivened with distinctive design details to bring an engaging, positively charged personality that inspires knowledge to the fore. Helping to engage the target audience across all customer touchpoints.

Early indications are very positive and AquaTrace has signed a deal with a major player in building products.