Choose Magic

CLIFF Hotel Group

In a world of me-toos and chains, CLIFF stands apart. It is a capsule collection of privately-owned venues including The Cliff House Hotel, Cliff at Lyons and Cliff Townhouse. But the CLIFF brand is about so much more than bricks and mortar.



CLIFF is a collection of exceptional and enchanting experiences celebrating culture, heritage and gastronomy. We worked with Cliff to refresh their brand identity and to design a new group website, which just recently launched in August 2019. They needed a new visual and verbal tone of voice and a website design that would bring the CLIFF brand to life – a brand that is a collection of exceptional moments in time and vivid memories of unexpected delight. Quite simply, our job was to showcase the unique imprint the CLIFF brand leaves on those lucky to encounter it.



When we sat down to start ideating and developing concepts, we asked what it meant to choose CLIFF? And right across the five facets and experiences that make up the CLIFF Brand – whether it is choosing to Escape, Restore, Host, Taste or bring a piece of it Home, when you choose CLIFF, you “CHOOSE MAGIC”. And from these two words, we developed a unique new visual and verbal tone of voice. One that was intimate, emotive and unconventional. The feeling associated with each facet, each type of encounter you could have with the brand, was communicated through unexpected, vivid imagery that was paired with bold language. It all combined to deliver a unique brand website that invited you to step in and uncover the enchanting experiences awaiting.



We didn’t just create a new modern and engaging website for CLIFF, we empowered them with a new brand voice – both visual and verbal. One that communicated the truly unique and exceptional character of their brand. We commissioned a suite of bespoke photography of evocate imagery that would transport you into the world of CLIFF – where you could almost feel the relief of letting go, the liberation of escaping your life for a few days, hear the sound of toast glasses clinking and imagine savouring the taste of an exquisitely prepared dish. And we created brand guidelines that would steer the creatives and words of anyone communicating on behalf of CLIFF, ensuring its imprint was consistent across all channels and touch points.


Collaborating with TOTEM to create our new visual and verbal tone of voice and a web design to reflect this, has been a great success. Colin and the team are a joy to work alongside and we believe they have created something truly special for us; each image and phrase has been carefully crafted to evoke the unique feeling you get when you encounter each unconventional experience – the imprint of CLIFF. It’s not just a tagline, they truly do create meaningful branding.

Honor Byrne

Director of Sales and Marketing