Supporting our community during COVID-19.

Now more than ever community is key. It’s during hard times like these that we find ourselves leaning towards and connecting with those in our community. We begin to recognise what’s important and just exactly how a simple “hello” or act of kindness can go a long way.

Charities in particular are finding this time incredibly difficult. Many have witnessed the elimination of their national funding days while others have had to close the doors of their much needed charity shops.

At a team meeting we discussed this major problem and decided we wanted to help a charity within our community, one that is suffering due to Covid-19. We were aware of Waterford Animal Welfare’s incredible work and also aware that their charity shop had to close, thus eliminating their only source of funding. Ironically though, the team are busier than ever. In conjunction with their 24/7 emergency care service, Andrew and the team are now providing a special service to those who are in isolation or cocooning by bringing their pets to the vets at no extra charge. Incredible.

Waterford Animal Welfare

We reached out to Waterford Animal Welfare in early April to find out if we could offer our creative skills and hopefully help them to raise much needed funding. Andrew, Aisling and the team were delighted with the offer and so we put our heads together and began brainstorming ideas for a strong campaign. It quickly became apparent that two things were key. This campaign needed to be fun and it had to be easy. Social media sites are currently flooded with 5k run, hop and skip challenges and so we felt a fun and simple challenge would result in increased engagement and more importantly, an increase in donations to the Waterford Animal Welfare Go Fund Me page.

Waterford Animal Welfare

Following a number of group sessions via Zoom the Paw4WAW challenge was born. This challenge is a fun and incredibly easy social media campaign which invites everyone to share a snap of their pet, donate €4 to Waterford Animal Welfare and nominate four friends to do the same.

Paw4WAW – Four Paws, Four Friends and Four Euro directly to a very good cause.

Waterford Animal Welfare

We wanted to add a splash of colour and fun to everyone’s newsfeeds and so the campaign content needed to be bright, engaging and of course feature a selection of adorable animals! The content plan included a dedicated campaign logo, flagship campaign graphics, testimonial videos along with a collection of graphics which specifically emphasised their Covid-19 related services. The campaign launched on May 15th and has so far raised €7,305 of their €10,000 goal.

Waterford Animal Welfare logo
Waterford Animal Welfare

In conjunction with the campaign we also refreshed Waterford Animal Welfare’s identity. When Andrew founded Waterford Animal Welfare in 2007 he developed the concept of a roof over a paw symbolising his commitment to all animals and finding them a loving home. We simply enhanced Andrew’s original idea, making it a little more contemporary and welcoming. TOTEM are now embarking on refreshing the website to help bring clarity around Waterford Animal Welfare’s story and services and to empower the team to motivate further support from the public in regard to foster care and rehoming.


There’s still time to get involved and show your support. To donate to Waterford Animal Welfare, please visit: