What is your website saying?



You may know what your company stands for. What your brand stands for. But is that what people see when they visit your website for the first time?

According to HubSpot, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a big purchasing decision. So, before they ever meet you, or enter your premises, your clients will have likely formed an impression of your brand that is influenced by your website.

Does it leave them with the same impression of your business and your brand as it would if they encountered it in person for the first time?



GJ Moloney Desktop

Experienced. Reliable. Effective.

These three words are synonymous with GJ Moloney Solicitors. And visiting them in person for the first time, this is exactly what you would encounter at each touchpoint.

But our client felt that this wasn’t fully reflected on their existing website.

And it was more than a refresh of messaging and images. With 51% of smartphone users discovering a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone, they needed a website design that was fully responsive and would adapt to the device their prospective clients were browsing on.



GJ Moloney tablet

It is their expertise and experience that really make GJ Moloney Solicitors stand out. Their specialist teams with individual in-depth knowledge of specific areas and industries allow them to provide advice tailored precisely to their clients’ needs.

And we brought this to the fore in the redesigned website, which had a dedicated area, with modern team headshots, where perspective new clients could meet the team.



GJ Moloney Desktop

Leading the way

With research being a key motivator for prospective clients to visit their website, it was critical that they could easily navigate to the information most relevant to them. All content and copy was restructured and refreshed to provide the key, relevant information that clients needed in a consistent and engaging tone of voice.

The result was a clean, modern website for one of the most dynamic business law firms in Ireland, with striking imagery and a consistent tone of voice that was the right fit for their brand. One that communicates their forward-thinking outlook and agility within the sector.


GJ Moloney

Our challenge to you

With so many of your prospective new clients and customers building a first impression of your brand via your website, make sure it’s making the right one.

Right now, for five minutes, clear your head. Imagine being a prospective customer – put yourself in their shoes. Pick up your phone and pretend to be visiting your site for the first time and jot down your impressions.

If it’s not saying what you want it to say about your brand, it might be time to consider an update.


We guide brands through a process of understanding where they are now, identifying their ideal positioning zone and then we create impactful, simple, brand creatives that stop your audience in their tracks – getting them to reappraise you.

We specialise in helping brands like you shift the dial for what you stand for in the heart and minds of your customers.