Propelling success with a new structure

Eurofins PSS

Eurofins is a global leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing. It is also one of the key emerging players in molecular clinical diagnostic testing and analysis in the world. It has over 61,000 staff across a network of independent companies in 61 countries, operating in around 900 laboratories.

Within this massive operation sits Eurofins Professional Scientific Services (PSS), a business unit providing in-sourcing solutions to life sciences organisations with large laboratory facilities in 20 of those countries.

The challenge for PSS was that their online presence was buried deep within the main Eurofins website, making it difficult for them to engage prospective clients and potential new hires across Europe. So they turned to TOTEM.


The in-sourcing model is a perfect fit for customers who want to keep work within their own facility but don’t have the workforce to meet the workload. PSS can deploy its own diverse, dynamic team of highly skilled and expert scientific professionals into a client’s laboratory, to run and manage a specific project or multiple tasks.

To communicate this message effectively TOTEM’s team quickly came to the conclusion that PSS needed an independent website, to raise their profile and attract the talent and customers required to grow the business across Europe.

Our marketplace research highlighted that more and more clients across Europe are looking for innovative solutions to serve their needs, and help them get their laboratory work done. PSS is perfectly positioned to meet that need, but we had no real online visibility, no brand awareness, no ability to connect and engage with the audiences we really wanted to appeal to.

Trish Grace

President, Eurofins PSS Europe.


To meet PSS needs, global and local, TOTEM designed a simple and solid but flexible structure for the site. A central core site highlights the PSS global mission to provide pharma laboratories with innovative, high-quality analytical, research and advisory services. From this solid core site sits a flexible structure, allowing for a series of microsites – one for each country where PSS operates.

The content for each microsite is then tailored for that country allowing PSS move up the search rankings for prospective hires and clients alike, in each respective country, across Europe.

TOTEM shaped a visual approach that applied a clean, minimalist design aesthetic to reflect the nature of the multinational pharma and life science customers PSS partners with, as well as a messaging strategy that encapsulated the PSS philosophy of – Find great people, take great care of them, and they in turn will take great care of our clients.


What connects people above all else, is other people, especially when those people are authentic. Eschewing library photographs of actors, TOTEM instead shot on location, in Cork and Dungarvan, with real PSS teams in actual laboratory settings and working environments. Highlighting diversity and expertise, a series of videos gave the PSS team both a face and a voice, profiling their backgrounds, qualifications, and breadth of experience.

These videos capture the essence of how PSS cares for its diverse team and how that in turn promotes care in their work.

Staying true to the Eurofins brand guidelines, the microsite was localised first for France, with an adaptive design that can be replicated and modified for any European country, with the ability to highlight members of the local senior team and feature the most country-relevant case studies.

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TOTEM’s approach has given PSS a flexible, future-proofed, digital solution, which I believe will be a powerful tool to widen our European client base and attract the expert talent we need to grow our business.

Stephanie Burger-Prin

Marketing Director Europe, Eurofins.

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