A Helping Hand

St Bernard’s Childrens Services

We worked with the St. Bernard’s team to help raise their profile and promote their outstanding work, successes and achievements at both a local and national level. We created a new brand identity to connect with their varied audiences and a new and professional website to showcase their unique philosophy.



St. Bernard’s Children’s Services is an independent not-for-profit children’s therapeutic community based in Fethard, Co. Tipperary. The highly qualified team help children who have experienced trauma to understand their feelings, learn how to communicate them and build resilience. They value each child’s individuality, needs and experiences by allowing them to be themselves, to feel what they need to feel without judgement in a safe therapeutic environment.

St. Bernard’s is the only unit in Ireland to have gained UK accreditation as a Therapeutic Residential Centre for children. A new strategic plan is now being investigated to learn how St. Bernard’s services can be expanded to make the most of the skills, knowledge and experience of their specialised team.  And most importantly, how they can help more children.



The highly qualified carers adhere to a core set of values which ensure the children feel understood, respected and valued in a safe and supportive environment. These values offered us great understanding and we were left with one strong direction – nurture and growth, which are central to St. Bernard’s services and to their new brand identity.

Our new concept symbolises the positive and uplifting nature of St. Bernard’s therapeutic services. At the center of the identity a child’s hand makes up the trunk and branches of a tree. The leaves overlap representing the collaboration of the various teams and services at St. Bernard’s coming together to support each individual child. The new dynamic website utilises a light and vibrant colour palette, with shades of green symbolising growth and new beginnings. The leaves from the logo have also been incorporated as individual graphic elements across the website, combined with a parallax scrolling effect to add an extra layer of interaction to the user experience.



We didn’t just create a new logo and website for St. Bernard’s. We empowered them with a new brand identity, one that signified their incredible care and the positive and transformative support they offer to children. The content management system allows the team full control of their new and dynamic website, giving them the opportunity to update and share their news. And act as a strong promotional tool helping to build awareness of their services.


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