Be Selective


HSOC are a chartered accountancy firm with a difference. Since 1971, working with a vast range of domestic and international clients, they’ve developed their own quite unique philosophy and approach to doing business. An approach that’s entirely centred around you – their clients – and their relationship with you. That’s built on friendship, service, real connections, personal communication and attentiveness. TOTEM worked with the HSOC team to help them understand and articulate these core beliefs. And deliver a brand-refresh as unique as they were.



At TOTEM, we define a brand quite simply. It is your reputation. And from that point of view, HSOC already had an incredible one – with their business coming almost entirely from word-of-mouth recommendations from highly satisfied customers. So, what was our challenge? Well, in a nutshell, there was a mismatch. Their branding, website and other collateral was not telling the same amazing story their clients were. They were detracting from, rather than strengthening, the brand. 

So we began, as we often do, with a brand workshop. Where we put ourselves in these customer shoes. And looked at HSOC from the outside in, to see what they saw. And why they so passionately referred friends, family members and associates to the practice. The reality was because, HSOC offered service at a different level to any other firm they’d ever had experience dealing with.




With that simple insight and understanding, we were able to start the process of creating their new refreshed branding. And it started with a clear brand personality. Because people connect with characters, not companies.  HSOC’s personality is all about fostering relationships and deeply valuing their clients.

We developed a dynamic tagline that encouraged its clients to demand what they deserve. To Select ServiceSelect Opportunity and Select Success. And most of all to Be Selective about who they choose to engage.

A new identity reinforces HSOC’s client centric approach. A contemporary motif is made of two overlapping semi-circles, representing the client relationship. The space where these shapes connect creates a viewfinder for a shared, tailored vision for success.




And the process didn’t stop there. We supported HSOC through the full rebrand journey, culminating in the exciting redevelopment and relaunch of their website. A bold showcase of their unique values and personality. Who they are and what they stand for. Unapologetically different. With a level of personableness one wouldn’t automatically expect from a Chartered Accountancy firm. 

And we empowered them with a set of brand guidelines, to ensure that long into the future, the same consistent story is told. And that their formal branding continues to be reflective of the incredible reputation they’ve developed with their clients. 



TOTEM helped us articulate what it is about HSOC that makes us unique. Why our clients recommend and refer others to us. It’s given us a level of clarity we didn’t have before. And huge sense of pride as a team, to see ourselves accurately reflected with a brand identity and website we believe in. That’s a great feeling.

John O’Connell

Managing Partner