Championing You

Cork Chamber

Cork Chamber had recently gone through a strategy process that redefined their focus and ambitions for the future. We worked with them to evolve their brand to reflect this.



Cork Chamber  wanted to inspire a new sense of magnetism and relevance for the Chamber. And create a more engaged membership base. One where every member could feel like they belonged. Our first step was to create a brand manifesto. We took all the amazing strategic thinking, the vision, mission and aspirations for the future. And we turned it into a single simple, bold, engaging statement that would connect with every member and inspire action.




This manifesto was more than just a simple declaration of intent. From it every other element evolved. It established the new tone of voice for Cork Chamber – the voice of a dynamic business champion. It created the structure and framework for how they would tell their story and defined the key messages for each of their audiences – for individuals, for businesses and for the wider Cork community. And from this simple manifesto, a whole suite of collateral was created – inspiring everything from strategy plans to pull-up stands and membership leaflets to thank you cards. All were fresh, inspiring and dynamic.



The most important thing about the new brand was that across every touch point the same brand promise was being continually reinforced – to be dynamic champions for the Cork business community. When we considered how best to empower Cork Chamber to maintain this consistency, it was so evident that its designs aren’t the brands biggest touchpoint. Its people are. The passionate team at the chamber are the welcoming face, the ambassadors and the voice the members hear. To empower them, we created engaging messaging guidelines on ‘Telling Our Story’ – equipping every Cork Chamber staff member with the tools they needed to be real champions of Cork Business.