For Next Generation Life Sciences


Odyssey VC are the gold standard when it comes to digital compliance in the life sciences sector. They have brought together the best minds in technology, and leading experts in life science governance and compliance, to create the ultimate suite of smart solutions. And empower organisations in the sector to embrace innovation and next generation technologies, while retaining full control of their regulatory compliance. TOTEM set out to deliver a best-in-class brand refresh, worthy of this best-in-class, market leading company with global aspirations.


When Odyssey VC first approached TOTEM, they’d already been on quite a journey of discovery internally. They’d conducted a robust internal and external strategic market review, supported by Enterprise Ireland. Asking some tough questions of themselves. TOTEM’s first job was to take those insights and really distil them down to identify their ideal positioning in the market, their unique brand personality and translate all that out into a new brand promise for consumers.
But as we guided them through the brand workshop process, we identified something else. A key block holding them back. Their Brand Architecture was not fit for purpose, with their main CompliantCloud product segmented as a standalone, relatively unconnected, brand.


Once we’d clarity around the challenge, we set to work creating the solution. Starting with the Odyssey VC parent brand first, we looked at their position as the gold standard for digital compliance in the life science sector, their leadership character and created their new tagline and pledge – that they exist ‘for next generation life sciences’. And we evolved their identity and designed a new brand website to showcase their solutions.
Then we turned our sights to their key product – a global game-changer called CompliantCloud crafting its core promise of ‘Full Visibility. Full Control.’ We created a new identity, aligning it visually with Odyssey VC. And with the user experience and their journey to the fore, we completely redesigned the CompliantCloud website. Relaunching this brand firmly in its rightful place as a product, not a separate business.


At TOTEM we exist to create success stories and empower organisations, like Odyssey VC to achieve their ambitions. For them, the biggest challenge was their brand architecture. By solving this problem, we were able to empower the team with the clarity, messaging and creatives to position both brands for global success. With CompliantCloud now able to leverage the incredible equity and trust of the parent brand with its embedded knowledge and expertise. And Odyssey VC able to strengthen their position as a leader of smart solutions, by better showcasing the innovative, qualified cloud infrastructure they’d developed in CompliantCloud.

I think one of the biggest things TOTEM and their branding approach has given us, is an incredible sense of confidence and excitement about who we are, what we are doing as a company and what we can accomplish in the future. An absolute belief in our vision and what we can make possible for the life sciences industry.

Pauline O’Riordan

Product Manager, Odyssey VC