Superior mobile security


Award-winning tech business Corrata devised a powerful and user-friendly approach to security, to protect the mobile devices of business customers. This has earned them partnerships with industry giants, like AT&T, Three Mobile UK, and Three Ireland, who recommend Corrata protection to their business customers. In fact, 40% of customers buy security through their operator.

Ambitious to grow the business, Corrata’s CEO wanted to position the business to address the 60% of customers who don’t buy through their mobile operator. And, to take the brand to greater heights, break new into European and US markets. After initial attempts at positioning ended in frustration, Corrata called in TOTEM.


TOTEM reviewed the market, interviewed customers, and workshopped with Corrata’s core team, to uncover the insights needed.  

The process identified something unique. Corrata clearly offers the most powerful mobile protection for business, but the Totem team was struck by how easy the solution is to deploy and maintain for the client’s overworked IT department. Plus, with intense focus on privacy, Corrata allays end-user’s concerns and removes the friction that invasive security products can cause with employees. 

We had uncovered that ‘sweet spot’ between what Corrata were offering and what their ideal customers really needed.  


TOTEM’s findings led us to create a simple statement to distil Corrata’s proposition into a clearly expressed positioning… “Easily, the most powerful protection”.   

This deceptively simple phrase captures Corrata’s ease of use and deployment for customers, paired with the product’s powerful advantage over competitors. It represents what TOTEM and Corrata were seeking. Uncovering this, and defining the values and purpose of the brand, is the platform the renewed brand is built upon. And it provided a startpoint for us to devise new brand messages to engage and excite Corrata’s ideal customers. We then set about creating a unique brand identity, to help Corrata stand apart from the competition. 


The brand’s toolkit includes core brand messages, which speak to the needs of the audience, paired with distinctive visual identity elements, a striking wordmark, colours and icons, designed to build recognition and aid recall of the brand in the minds of the audience. This is brought to life consistently across all of the customer’s interface with the brand—as well as a new website designed to take Corrata to their deserved level of fame and fortune.  

“We now have what we need in place to get to work connecting with our ideal clients, and our partner networks, to really grow the business. And, in the process we’re going to make the mobile workplace safer for businesses. Watch this space.”  Dylan Fermoyle, VP of Sales, Corrata 

At TOTEM, we’re looking forward to Corrata’s continued growth and success. And we are delighted to think we have played some part in making the mobile world a more secure place to do business. 

I’d recommend this process with Colin and the team at TOTEM, start to finish. In fact I already have. TOTEM are already hard at work with a CEO who is a former colleague of mine, and he’s thanked me for that recommendation.

Colm Healy

CEO Corrata