Colin Byrne

Creative Director

Colin is the founder and Creative Director at TOTEM which he established in his garage in Villierstown, West Waterford, in 2002. Just after Roy Keane left Ireland in Saipan so quite a historic summer!

Colin has a grá for all aspects of design and the difference great ideas and great designs can make. His passion is for brands, brand strategy and how design shapes emotional connections between clients and their audience ensuring empathy, engagement and ulitmately growth. Colin is also a font geek and chooses wine purely on a typographical basis!

Prior to founding TOTEM, Colin spent 12 years working with leading Irish design agencies in Dublin, starting out at The Graphiconies, a colourful Italian / Irish design studio. During his time in Dublin he worked with an eclectic range of high profile clients across the corporate, cultural and non-profit sectors.

And that enviable client list is something that has continued to grow at TOTEM where Colin and the design team utilise creative thinking to develop inspiring strategies for a diverse range of clients, both nationally and regionally.

Da Vinci’s Renaissance adage “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is his mantra.


Our Team

Oren Byrne

Studio Manager

Clodagh Phelan

Marketing Manager

Stacie Hefferan

Senior Designer

Viktorija Cumikova

Senior Designer

Sandra Beresford