Using Powerpoint to present your brand's story



Essential to a successful brand identity, is being able to tell it’s story in a way that engages the end user.

Nutribio, an Irish agricultural supplement producer, are part of the Co-Operative Animal Health Group (CAHG) and they are growing rapidly – currently selling to over 30 countries. As they continue to find new export markets, they felt they needed to re-think how they presented their brand and their story. They asked TOTEM to re-design their main Powerpoint presentation to help them do this, and to also provide a new suite of templates that they could use to develop their presentation into the future.








What the client had previously been using was quite basic, with no overall design architecture, leading to a vast range of styles and layouts within a single presentation. We worked with them to analyse the content and the story they wanted to tell, and taking out the vital pieces of information and presenting them in a way that was more compelling, visual, and ultimately more engaging for the end user. The presentation needed to become a visual aid that complimented how they talked about their business, allowing people to read between the lines and not get overwhelmed with streams of long-worded information.

We did this in a number of ways, such as using infographics to illustrate important facts and figures, or using imagery as a representation of important points, such as a glass of milk being half filled to represent their processing of over 50% of milk produced in Ireland.

We also found that there were 2 different sides to what CAHG do that they needed to represent – the farming and agricultural product side, and the pharmaceutical research and development side. In light of this, we created 2 alternative cover pages that they could use to tailor their presentations to the relevant audience.