A brand-led approach to web design that ignites growth.

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A brand-led approach to web design that ignites growth.

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We are here to make your success story a reality.

What makes our approach to web design unique? As a meaningful branding business, TOTEM’s approach to web design is entirely led by brand. That is where our expertise lies. It’s what is in our DNA.

We help brands define what makes them unique and help them showcase and share that story in meaningful and authentic ways. As the most widely accessible and visible representation of your brand, your website is at the heart of that.

So much so, that re-designing clients’ websites has become a key part of nearly every brand project we undertake. And increasingly, we are taking these mission-critical web design projects on as standalone ones too – as more and more organisations are witnessing the value of taking a brand-led approach to web design.

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What that means is that we create web designs that are …

The greatest expression of your BRAND

Your website is your ultimate salesperson. It is always available and always communicating on your behalf. And, if you take a brand-led approach to your web design, it will be your ultimate brand ambassador too – always showcasing you and communicating your brand in an authentic, consistent and compelling way.

Built around real understanding of your AUDIENCES

Using UX web design principles and structuring your website to ensure that users can easily navigate to the information they want is a prerequisite for any website build today. But taking a brand-led approach goes even deeper, to really empathise with each audience segment and stakeholder and understand the reasons and drivers behind their behaviours.

Distinctive and set you apart in the MARKETPLACE

What makes you unique from your competitors? What is that elusive distinctiveness factor for you? What is your brand’s personality? These are the questions a brand-led approach to web design will ask and answer. We design websites that will set you apart and make you stand out from the crowd.



Inspiring brand confidence through web design

Eurofins PSS

Eurofins is a global leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing. It is also one of the key emerging players in molecular clinical diagnostic testing and analysis in the world.

It has over 61,000 staff across a network of independent companies in 61 countries, operating in around 900 laboratories. Within this massive operation sits Eurofins Professional Scientific Services (PSS) – a business unit that provides in-sourcing solutions to life sciences organisations with large laboratory facilities in 20 of those countries.


The challenge for Eurofins PSS was one of visibility in the marketplace. Their online presence was buried deep within the main Eurofins website making it difficult for them to engage prospective clients and potential new hires across Europe. They needed a site that better positioned them and a web design that really showcased what they had to offer. That’s when they turned to TOTEM.

Trish Grace, President of Eurofins PSS Europe, talks about these challenges they faced.


The resulting person-centric web design – that allowed for content to be tailored by country – had an incredible impact for the team. It empowered them to be more visible in the market to clients, attract more talent and most importantly it’s inspiring a new level of brand confidence in Eurofins PSS, both internally and externally.

Trish explains more about the impact from their perspective.

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What our clients say

TOTEM energised this branding project for us. Because we know the story we are in. But they helped us open it up. To see larger, broader and to focus on the vision in developing our brand strategy. And it was very interesting for me. They came with a narrative that forced us to really think about it. To get through the story to the vision. . To get through the story to the vision. Honestly, we could not have achieved this rebranding without them.

Léone Atayi

CEO, Aton

Working with TOTEM as our branding agency has been refreshing. We found in Colin and his team a shared passion for doing things right and reappraising the status quo, to do the right things. I'm a firm believer in getting the brand strategy right first, investing time at the outset to get the rebranding process right and then trusting the creatives to deliver the outputs based on these vital inputs. This is working for us at Cork Airport. Our business has literally taken off with TOTEM on board to pilot our brand.

Kevin Cullinane

Group Head of Communications, daa

I would recommend this branding process with Colin and the team at TOTEM, start to finish. In fact, I already have. TOTEM are already hard at work on a brand development project with a CEO who is a former colleague of mine, and he's thanked me for recommending them to him as his branding agency.

Colm Healy

CEO, Corrata

On this brand development journey, TOTEM helped us articulate what it is about us that makes us unique. Why our clients recommend and refer others to us. The brand strategy gave us a level of clarity we didn't have before. And a huge sense of pride as a team, to see ourselves accurately reflected with a new brand positioning, brand identity, and website we can believe in. That's a great feeling.

John O’Connell

Managing Partner

TOTEM did an amazing rebranding job for Fitzgerald Power. This project was a foundational element of our growth and branding strategy, and Colin and his team were the perfect partners to execute it. They took the time to gain a deep understanding of what we do and helped us to articulate our purpose and brand positioning. The results were exceptional.

Stuart Fitzgerald

Managing Partner

As our branding agency, I think one of the biggest things TOTEM and their approach to brand development has given us is an incredible sense of confidence and excitement about who we are, what we are doing as a company, and what we can accomplish in the future with this new brand. An absolute belief in our vision and what we can make possible for the life sciences industry.

Pauline O’Riordan

Product Manager

Realta Identity

We couldn’t recommend TOTEM highly enough. From the outset, we felt that they really supported us through the whole brand development process of defining our who we are and why we do it: they listened to us, reflected back what they were hearing at each stage, and presented us with potential branding solutions to help us clarify our thinking. We were energised by their branding process because it was clear, logical, creative, and relevant to our needs. Within our organisation, we are really pleased with our new brand positioning, identities, and websites. But the feedback from our stakeholders has also been universally positive.

Claire Meaney



Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) included too?

Yes, all our web designs are built with users’ experiences in mind, which starts with how they first search and find you. The customer journey mapping we do, will provide deep insights into what your different audience segments are seeking and pages can be optimised for relevant key words. We also work with a specialist SEO and Digital Marketing company to offer even more detailed key word research and search optimisation strategies for our web design clients.

Can you help us create content for the website and social media?

Yes, developing an authentic voice and communicating your unique and distinct brand personality is a key part of what we offer. We can develop brand guidelines that help your own internal staff craft messaging and communicate on behalf of the brand in a consistent way. Or our own copywriters and creatives can help develop content and digital campaigns for everything from LinkedIn to targeted display adverts.

Can you source the photography and create the video content?

Yes, getting the right visual tone of voice through your choice of Brand imagery and video, for us, is another critical element of a web design project. And one we love to take the lead on. We have some really talented photographers and videographers we work with that can capture your own commissioned brand imagery and video. And we have access to vast stock libraries to supplement that when needed too. You can read more about how to get the right balance in your web design here.

Can you help us review our branding as part of the web design?

Absolutely, that is what TOTEM is all about. We are the meaningful branding business. Before we even get into the specifics of the web design project, through brand workshops we can help you take a more holistic view of your entire business and your brand’s positioning. We’ll help you identify your stakeholders and their needs and help you understand what makes you (or could make you) unique and distinctive versus your competitors to them.

With our business, it's really complicated ...

Don’t worry! There is no such thing as a straightforward business or web design project. There is always some complication. From needing to appeal to very different stakeholders, manage tricky technical requirements or unravelling confused messaging – one of the things we are best it, is helping cut through the clutter and noise to bring clarity and solutions that work to the table.

Starting a conversation with the team at TOTEM is as simple as that.

The bottom line is that we’re all about simplicity, helping our clients to find the clarity they need to take their business where they want it to go. So fill in your contact details below or simply give us a ring and say “hello”. Who knows where it could lead to.