Creating Exceptional Experiences

Trigon Hotels


Trigon Hotels is a group made up of three exceptional 4-star hotels in Cork – the award-winning Cork International Hotel, the iconic Metropole and the quirky Cork Airport Hotel. But there wasn’t consistency or clarity on the brands at a hotel or a group level. They needed to look at how they could celebrate the unique personality of each property, while still leveraging efficiencies and brand equity as a group without becoming just another chain. We facilitated three different brand essence workshops to cut through all the clutter and really get to the heart of what made each property truly unique, and at a group level what all those personalities meant. What Trigon Hotels stood for.


Once we had simplified, we were able to create and define each hotels unique and rich personality. From one of Cork’s oldest hotels, The Metropole, which is brimming with timeless elegance; to the funky hidden gem that is the Cork Airport Hotel offering a simply better experience and the stylish, personal and unique Cork International Hotel, a hotel for those moments to be remembered – each hotel was given its own voice. But what connected them as a group? What was common? They all offered exceptional experiences – something different. Like the unique and individual artworks that make up a larger exhibition. And so, the new Trigon Hotels identity was born. Where each hotel carried the “Proudly curated by Trigon Hotels” tag and Trigon Hotels had a new clarity of purpose with their purpose – “We curate unique hotels to create exceptional experiences”.


To bring these unique personalities to life, it wasn’t really about any specific piece of collateral, we needed to empower staff with the guidelines and clarity that would allow them to bring it to life every day. A brand is not what you say it is, it’s what your customers say it is. And for a hotel that is a multi-faceted experience, it is no easy challenge to have every touchpoint a guest has with you during their stay, reinforcing the same message. We created engaging, multi-sensory guidelines – that defined how the brands should taste, feel, sound, look and even smell. And we provided detailed tone of voice guidelines that empowered every staff member and person communicating on behalf of the properties, to do so consistently and authentically.