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We helped horizon8 to create a striking brand identity and fluid online presence for their game-changing new digital service. Working alongside the parent brand, we brought valid8Me to life through slick, intuitive design.



valid8Me aims to revolutionise the way we store and share our most sensitive information, such as passports, utilities, and driving licences, and bring digital transformation to the labour-intensive world of Customer Onboarding.

TOTEM were brought on board to develop and deliver the brand positioning of this exciting new venture, in both the B2B and B2C markets.


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We set about crafting a name for the new brand that was simple, clear and mirrored the project’s key strengths: simplicity, security, and convenience. In choosing the name for the new project, we wanted something that provoked a strong emotional response. As such, valid8Me is more than the sum of its parts. It goes beyond internet verification, and taps into an innate human need for validation.

Once the name was decided on, we set about bringing it to life with an identity that fits seamlessly into the horizon8 family, utilising the brand colour pallette and the “infinite 8” motif.



We empowered valid8Me with a bold new brand identity and a sleek online presence that allowed horizon8 to introduce and explain how their solution would transform the landscape. The website is targeted towards 3 distinct audiences, and our understanding of these allowed us to create individual UX journeys that empower each user to flow effortlessly through the site. The User Interface is designed so that all of the key features specific to each audience are easily accessible by those users at all times.

We put together a curated suite of imagery, a bespoke set of icons, and a series of three animated videos that clearly explain to each target audience how valid8Me benefits them. The website’s visual style was integrated into the UI design of the customer-facing mobile app, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.


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