Financial Services

As mergers and acquisitions continue throughout the financial services industry, it’s vital to consider the potential for brand integration, especially from a merger and an acquisition perspective. We spoke to Stuart Fitzgerald, CEO of Fitzgerald Power, about how to get the most out of a merger and how to prepare your brand for an acquisition. You can read more about both of these topics in the articles below.  

TOTEM continued to expand its’ financial services footprint throughout 2022. We worked closely with Fitzgerald Power and HSOC to define their positioning and rebuild their brand identity in order to set them up for future growth. You can read more about our process and the outputs in these case studies.

Brand mergers: Four key things to consider

Mergers can be a technical and complicated process. Planning for how merging brands can come to exist as one is a decision that can be put on the long finger. This can lead to brand integration issues further down the line. In this article we speak to Stuart Fitzgerald, merger & acquisition financial expert, and look at four aspects of branding to consider to make your merger a success.

Fitzgerald Power

Since their inception in the 1980’s, Fitzgerald Power have never been your usual accountancy firm. They think slightly differently, offering their clients unique and creative solutions. It is an approach that has served them well, establishing them as one of Ireland’s leading independent practices. But their positioning was not accurately reflecting their unique approach. TOTEM worked closely with Fitzgerald to define this unconventional positioning with a rebranding exercise that was itself slightly unconventional.

Preparing your brand for acquisition

How do you go about preparing your brand for acquisition? How do you position yourself to maximise value? TOTEM look at this from the outside-in, from a customer’s and potential buyer’s perspective. Having a strong and well defined brand adds value and can makes your business a more valuable proposition.


Established in 1971, HSOC are a chartered accountancy firm working with a diverse set of domestic and international clients. They have developed their own philosophy and approach to doing business. An approach that’s entirely centred around their clients and their relationship with them. That approach is built on friendship, service, connections, personal communication and attentiveness. TOTEM worked with the HSOC team to help them understand and articulate these core beliefs, delivering a brand-refresh as unique as they were.