Discover the Magic of Rail

Waterford Suir Valley Railway

TOTEM were brought on board to capture the spirit of WSVR and help them breathe new life into the brand. Our aim was to capture, connect and communicate all the elements that recreate the old-world wonder of rail, and bring to life the unique, authentic and friendly experience that awaits


Waterford Suir Valley Railway (WSVR) was founded in the year 2000 with the aim of preserving a historical stretch of Waterford’s railway line, dating back to 1872. The railway provides a unique and enjoyable experience for local, national and international visitors of all ages, and is mostly run by committed volunteers.

The existing WSVR identity and brand applications felt outdated and didn’t reflect the joyful and memorable experience that visitors take away. Approaching their 20th anniversary, the team determined that a refresh of their brand identity was needed in order to align with their future vision.



At the start of the process, we conducted immersive research into the aesthetics of vintage railway badges, tickets and emblems. This inspired the concept for the new visual identity, including the main logo mark, which we crafted into the WSVR monogram. The letters were created using two parallel lines, representing the railway tracks, paired with a rounded geometric sans-serif typeface to complement the monogram style. This sleek, modern design brings the brand forward while acknowledging its heritage and is representative of WSVR’s position as a leader in the South East’s tourism industry.

The vivid, modern colour palette created is fundamental to the new identity. The primary colour palette is made up of a bright red and a rich navy blue, paired with a vibrant secondary colour palette for use across multiple applications. New and playful icons are another key aspect of the brand elements, bringing the visual identity to life across each touchpoint.



The new brand identity was rolled out across print and digital applications as well as environmental elements on site at the railway. We designed a new website with the user experience in mind, separating the content into a primary and secondary navigation.

This improved hierarchy of information and user journey allows visitors to easily book tickets through the site, learn more about what they can expect from their visit and also the rich history of the railway. The aesthetic of the site is evocative of Waterford Suir Valley Railway’s rich heritage and reflects the old-world wonder of rail and the fun and magical experience that’s to be enjoyed at WSVR.