Meaningful design executions.

We transform strategy into action with graphic design and web design that has purpose and words and messaging that have traction. We shape executions to engage people, incite interest, grow awareness, and prompt recall. We employ creativity to help you stand out from your competition and turn your brand into a business advantage.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity captures the personality of your business and creates an authentic visual language to communicate it. Differentiating you from your competition, a strong brand identity will align with your business’s positioning and bring your brand strategic thinking to life. This will see the creation of an iconic symbol, emblem or, you might well say, totem. The components of your brand identity (name, promise, logo, motif, colour palette, tone of voice – visual and verbal) combine to personify the character of your business with clarity.

Brand Narrative & Messaging

As human beings, stories make it easier for us to communicate and comprehend deep truths and big ideas. TOTEM formulates narratives that tell the story of your business and create a more meaningful brand. We will work closely with you to understand your purpose, your vision, your history, and your personality. This enables us to write clear, concise headlines and messaging that will cut through the clutter and connect intuitively with your audience, communicating why they should care about what you do.

Brand Design

This is the process of bringing all of the carefully thought out and crafted elements of your brand identity to life with consistency across your marketing and presentation collateral. From how your pitch deck is designed to how your business cards look, TOTEM will create your unique visual identity with a signature look and feel to help differentiate you from competitors in the eyes of your customers. Your brand design reflects your brand identity across all your customer touchpoints.

Web Design

Your business’s website is where all of the work that has gone into your brand strategy, purpose, positioning, identity, personality, and story is borne out. TOTEM develops websites and user journeys that appeal to existing and potential customers alike, that anticipate what different types of visitor want to know about your business, and provide that information in the fastest, most efficient way. Because excellent UX is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. With 95% of the websites TOTEM creates in the B2B space, we design a business’s website to act as its silent, always-on sales representative.

Impactful Campaigns

TOTEM develops integrated marketing campaigns using the most logical, most effective channel selection to target your business’s customers. With a central creative concept at the core, we combine multiple complementary channels such as content, email, digital display, and social media. Traditional above-the-line media including press, radio and out-of-home can also be employed to deliver a consistent message to a specific audience.

Motion Branding

Seamlessly blending video and animation into your brand identity, motion branding sees the static visual elements of your brand identity brought to life by integrating movement, visual effects and, even in some cases, sound. With video and animated content more engaging with audiences in digital channels, motion graphics have quickly become a powerful marketing and branding tool. TOTEM has exploited the capabilities of this technology in recent rebranding projects, with identities designed with animation and the need to be able to move and morph across various digital platforms in mind.